Canadian farmland continues to be a great investment and a great time to buy.  In 2018, according to Farm Credit Canada's Farmland Values Report the value of Canadian farmland jumped 6.6 per cent in 2018.  The growing value of farmland in Canada according to J.P. Gervais, FCC's chief economist is driven by strategic investments by producers and continued tight supplies.  Provincially, land values have increased in all but one province.  Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta have had average increases in land values of 8.3, 7.4 and 7.4, respectively.  British Columbia saw an increase of 6.7 per cent, however, this increase was primarily driven by Victoria Island land seeing a 21.7 percent increase in value. The remaining Canadian provinces saw their respective farmland values shift at rates below the national average.



The outlook on the Canadian market for land values continues to be positive.  Even though the effects of higher interest rates have taken impacted farmers appetite to buy land, land continues to rise in price.  This is as a result of the ratio of land price to farm income continues to decline.  In other words, Canadian farmland continues to be productive and land values will continue to increase in proportion to that anticipated productivity.  According to Gervais,  “Farmland is often the foundation over which producers and farm operations deploy their knowledge, expertise and other farm assets to grow their business. Understanding how farmland fits within the business vision is critical to the success of the operation, so Gervais advises producers to make sure they have a strategic plan in place that sets the vision for the future."


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