Born in Saskatchewan and raised on a mixed farm at Stoughton, Saskatchewan. All my life I have had a passion for agriculture and the people within agriculture.

I have a Diploma in Agriculture from Olds College, Alberta and a Degree in Agriculture with a Major in Soils from Bozeman, Montana.

All my life, I have been fortunate to have great agricultural sales jobs:

  • Maverick Land
  • Ag Canada - PFRA
  • Proven Seed -UGG, Agricore United and Viterra
  • HCI Ventures
  • HomeLife Prairies Realty

Working in agricultural sales has given me the ability to travel throughout Saskatchewan and meet hundreds of good people within Saskatchewan. It has given me the ability to negotiate on behalf of various clients. I have realized over time that the biggest skill in negotiations was to listen to the people and listen to their concerns.

My passion for agriculture comes from the feel of freshly ploughed soil, the smell of harvest, the value of a strong handshake and the taste of a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

At Homelife Prairies Realty our motto is to ensure that every purchase or sale is done with complete honesty, integrity and confidentiality. We are concerned about our client's and customer's needs first and foremost. The purchase or sale of a property can be one of the most stressful things done in a lifetime. We strive to help manage that stress for our clients and customers by listening to their concerns, offering good advice and connecting them to other professionals as required.

Call me for a cup of coffee.


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